Hello Everyone!

You are welcome to my page! I am not a photographer and in that sense I have had an unusual career as a business professional at Kodak – which was at that time, the world’s leading imaging company. It was during my stint there that I had the opportunity to meet interesting imaging professionals – photographers, cinematographers, colourists, creative directors and more. It exposed me to their way of looking at things, and even now, some of my most memorable private moments are spent leafing through images – be it moving or still.

I love travelling and have done my bit both within the country as well as outside, exposing me to meet different types of people…their language, culture, food et all. I carry vivid memories of all such experiences.

I guess both these influences combined with my Kodak exposure compelled me to shoot photographs and this platform is an expression of my celebration of “human endeavours” – be it a heritage building or scenes from a street.

I hope you like this compilation and your frank feedback will only help improve my sensitivity!


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