St. Francis Xavier Church

As seen from the outside

Vasai, near Mumbai was an important shipbuilding port for the Portuguese. And they left their imprint by way of some beautiful churches which still continue to attract followers and also have been preserved pretty well.

Vasai also has a lot of old world charm by way of its villages and lazy lifestyle. 

St. Francis Xavier Church was built in the early 20th Century

The interiors speak the Portuguese influence

The alter is very striking

Stained glass with beautiful scriptures covering the windows

Ceiling intricately painted

Our Lady of Remedies Church erected in the year 1577, is said to have worked wondrous cures

Our Lady of Grace Cathedral in Papdy Village, is one of the oldest churches in Vasai which was recently elevated to a status of a Cathedral

Vasai Fort

While the buildings inside the fort are in ruins, there are enough standing walls to give a good idea of the floor plan of these structures


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